What are PHP Peekaboo Bugs? What causes them and how to fix them?

September 24, 2013
Posted in Advanced PHP

Peekaboo bugs are the worst sort of bugs, because they just pop-up randomly and are really hard to track down. When a PHP peekaboo bug appears, I get very nervous because I know that I might be spending hours trying to track it down. I also get nervous because the peekaboo bug itself, tells me…

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PHP Data Type Mismatch Crashes CodeIgniter!

September 21, 2013

Hi, It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged about anything here … been busy building things. Refactoring a Prototype Recently, we were refactoring a PHP/CodeIgniter based project, cleaning up the code from a quick prototype we put out. When you have an idea for a piece of software, it is almost always a good…

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PHP Programmers must Harness the Power of Laziness

July 5, 2013

Normally people think of laziness as being something negative. Generally it is, but when it comes to programming, laziness can be a virtue. But why? Programming is all about saving time. Don’t forget that the whole point of writing software, is to automate some process … to save time. You should carry that forward, into…

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Fear of Learning PHP

June 30, 2013
Posted in Learning PHP

Hi, I recently got an email from an experienced programmer who MAY have been a little fearful of learning PHP: I was working on your CRUD video course (making good progress), and my friend rang me. I informed him what I was up to and he suggested that I should just start writing code, as…

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Building an Effective Online Store

June 18, 2013

Hi, I wasn’t sure what category to put this blog post in, because it isn’t really about PHP code or even about code in general, but there are a few things to learn from my recent update to the Killervideostore.com website: If adding something to a page/site DOES NOT have any measurable impact, remove it….

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New Video Course Package: Web Developer from Scratch

June 13, 2013
Posted in PHP Videos

Hi, I want to announce that we just combined our two popular packages (Complete Web Designer and Complete Web Programmer) into one mega training package: Web Developer from Scratch. This is by far our most comprehensive video package, with over 62hrs of video training that covers everything from basic web design, all the way to…

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Denial-of-service attack … in an image.

May 20, 2013

Hi, Not strictly PHP but something that any web programmer might have to deal with from time to time: denial-of-service attack (DoS attack). What is a DOS attack? Some dirty nerd (or group of dirty rat bastard nerds) decide they want to make your site or your servers unusable or at least, much less usable….

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Complete Web Programming Training for only $20!

May 5, 2013
Posted in PHP Videos

Hi, I will start with the main point: you can now get the Complete Web Programmer for only $20 (instead of the normal price of $100!) through our special deal. Read below to learn about the details … One of my most popular training packages is the Compete Web Programmer, because it takes you from…

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How PHP Frameworks Can Go Bad

May 3, 2013

Hey guys. My name is Roberto and I have been a web developer for the past five years. I will be blogging about interesting things in the life of a developer I have worked with a few different frameworks over the course of my development career (e.g. CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony) and have also tried/tested many…

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A Million Lines of JavaScript!

March 28, 2013
Posted in Javascript

Hi, I recently read an article (in Techcrunch,) where the author suggest that JavaScript may have problems with projects with over a million lines of code … and because of that, you should consider alternatives. WHAT!? This is a silly thing to say because for 99% of us, we will never even come close to…

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