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MySQL LogoWelcome to the MySQL section on killerphp.com. My goal is to get you up and running with MySQL as quickly as possible so the we can get to using PHP with MySQL.

PHP can work with many different database programs including MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and several others. So why
concentrate on MySQL instead of one of the many other databases out there? For me, it comes down to two things:

  1. MySQL is common with web hosting companies. So that means that is the database you will likely be using.
  2. MySQL and PHP work very well together and by far, is the most used database with PHP.

Getting Started

As you get started, please read these two articles that cover some fundamental MySQL and general database concepts.

Once you’ve read the two articles, then move on to the MySQL video tutorials.

Video Tutorials

  • MySQL Video Tutorials
    In our continued aim to make your life as a php nerd easier, we are slowly compiling a collection of video tutorials on MySQL and related tools. MySQL videos
  • SQL Video Tutorials
    In addition, I’ve created a few tutorials on the basics of SQL – the language of databases. SQL videos
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