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Beginners PHP Video Archive – 2006

Note: I accidentally deleted some of my classic 10yr old videos!! Oh well … my new PHP videos are 100x more powerful, and they MIGHT help you become more attractive to the opposite sex!

Anyway, some of the old links below don’t work … sorry!

Background on PHP and database driven websites:
Installing PHP on your computer
Basic PHP
Practical PHP
Basic PHP Continued
Processing HTML Forms with PHP
More Basic PHP Continued
OOP Videos (classic)

The following videos are designed to supplement the tutorial, but they are not required viewing. These are my classic OOP videos, but they are still largely good. But, they look kinda old, and I look younger!

NEWS: I just moved all the old OO PHP videos here:


Stefan (July 28th 2016)

MySQL Videos

I’ve decided to create a dedicated section on MySQL and SQL. Please check it out if you haven’t used relational databases before.

MySQL Tutorials

SQL and Databases – Part 1

So you wanna learn SQL and databases? Sit back and relax, grab a beer and some cheese flavored chips, and begin to learn from a crusty middle aged nerd!

Watch in full HD for total clarity:

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Just post them on the PHP forum.


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