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I created this website to teach PRACTICAL PHP to non-nerd web designer types. Since the release of PHP7 in 2016, PHP has continued to prove that it is a powerful programming language. You could say in fact, that PHP is one of the four pillars of modern web development:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP

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Object Oriented (OOP) PHP Video Tutorials

Object oriented PHP is the modern style of PHP programming that the PHP world is quickly moving into.

You don’t need to learn OOP techniques to use PHP effectively… but if you want to:

  1. really take advantage of PHP,
  2. understand many of the free PHP programs out there,
  3. or just code with the ‘pros’

…you’re going to need to learn OOP in PHP.

Check out the OOP PHP videos

PHP Video Tutorials for iPods

After many request, I’ve finally rendered a bunch of my PHP video tutorials so that you can watch them on your iPod.

You may have a bit of trouble reading the code on your small iPod screens … but none-the-less, you can still learn f
rom the videos while you’re on you’re on-the-go.

View & Download: PHP Video Tutorials for iPods

PHP and MySQL Video Tutorials

I’ve decided to create a dedicated section on MySQL and SQL. Please check it out if you haven’t used relational databases before.

Learn More About MySQL

Video Tutorials

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