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Google Pixel is really about Google Ai

October 7, 2016


I recently watched Google’s presentation of their Pixel phones. The thing is, it wasn’t really about the phone, it was much more about Google’s push into more advanced Ai through Google Assistant.

Check out my video talk about it:



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Building Mobile Apps – what is the best approach?

January 18, 2014


I am not sure why I feel like writing these days (could be because of more sunlight) but nonetheless, here I am with yet another article and video on PHP … in the same week!

This weeks nerd question:

When building mobile apps, should you use native languages (Objective C or Java typically) or should you go HTML5, CSS3 with a PHP back-end?

Personally, I think that many, many times, you will find the HTML5 route the best choice because:

1. Native iOS and Android development has a steeper learning curve and the languages themselves, are not exactly trivial – Object C is for iOS and Java is for Android and both are not the easiest to learn.

2. If you write your mobile app with HTML5, it will be universal and supported on all types of devices:

  • iOS – that’s iPhone, iTouch and iPad
  • Android devices
  • Windows Phones – not that anyone uses these. But still …

Enough with the writing, time for my video commentary!


Stefan Mischook

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iOS or Android Programming?

February 4, 2013


So you’re a young nerd programmer who is trying to decide which direction to go in when it comes to programming for mobile devices, should you learn iOS development or Android?

Bottom line: Learn HTML5 and JavaScript development.

Some details:

At this time, Android is by far the most popular mobile OS with about 70% of the market share, whereas iOS accounts for about 20%. But, I was told recently that iOS is much more common online – it seems many Android phone users don’t get a data plan?


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iOS Programming is going to go Niche … then Ultra Niche!

January 14, 2013


One of the things that I see time and time again, is a (once hot) technology … fall into a niche.

This time, I think it is native iOS programming that will slowly fade away. Why?

Here are my top five reason why native iOS programming will become niche:

  1. iPhone penetration is falling – Android is now king of mobile.
  2. HTML5 and CSS3 based apps can can do just about everything native iOS apps can.
  3. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are easier to learn than objective C.
  4. HTML5 and CSS3 apps are cross platform – iOS apps are not.
  5. There are a lot of JavaScript programmers out there ready to roll – no need to learn another language!

So think about it from a clients perspective; if you can build your application with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and have your app work on Android, iOS, OSX, Windows 8 etc … why would you invest in an app that runs only on iOS?

… Most businesses wont.

Stefan Mischook

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Should Programmers be developing for iOS, or is Android the better option?

September 11, 2010

As you all know, iOS based devices:

– iPhone
– iPad
– iPod touch

… have a huge user base and application development for these devices has been, and probably will continue to be, a good area to be involved in. That said, how about Google Android based devices?

Well, the Android user base is growing very fast:

Gartner explained in an official statement, “In the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Android expanded rapidly in the second quarter of 2010, overtaking Apple’s iPhone OS to become the third-most-popular OS in the world.”

So it seems to me that smart developers will look to working on the Android platform because:

1. Android’s huge growth in market share
2. There are a lot of apps still to be built, before Android’s application collection matches iOS’s.

Business Application Development … is where the money is at!

I also think Android will become the mobile OS of choice for mobile business use because of its’ open nature. This compared to iOS, which is very controlled by big brother .. oh, I mean big Apple.

Apple will change its’ tune

Apple now has a vice-like choke hold on their iOS platform … this I think will change in time, because of the pressure exerted by Android. I’m pretty sure about this (73.5% probability) because Apple has already caved in a little:

Stefan Mischook

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