Learning PHP:

PHP is still by Far the Most used Server side programming language.

September 20, 2021

I just read an article on Ars Technica, where they talk about a study put out by W3Techs on how PHP still dominates the live Web. Today in 2021, PHP is used on about 80% of websites. ASP.net is a distant second with about 9%. … PHP is still king of the Web! Interestingly, it…

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Learning PHP more Easily by Learning Python … what!?

September 27, 2017
Posted in Learning PHP

PHP is probably the best web app development language out there today for a bunch of reason technical, and market oriented. But it’s not the only language out there and it doesn’t have a monopoly of good programming. Comparing Programming Languages An important lessons that my 20+ years of programming experience has taught me, is…

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Which Code Editor is Best for Teaching PHP?

February 15, 2015

There are soooooooo many choices out there these days when it comes to writing PHP code. Here are just a few popular apps: Sublime Text – uber-nerds love this one! Notepad++ Dreamweaver – yes, it has a code editor too. jEdit And there are many others, and I am not including the PHP IDE’s out…

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Learn PHP with Stefan

January 6, 2015

Hi, After a long delay (I wanted to get it right) my new subscription based training site is up and running – check out webmentor.org Why join webmentor? All my new videos will be there, you can ask questions right on the video pages, you have full access to the source files and my classic…

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New Video Training Site from Killerphp

September 8, 2014

Hi Guys! So, I am just announcing our new video training subscription service we built using Laravel and Twitter Bootstrap … among other things. Check it out: webmentor.org What makes Webmentor.org different than what we’ve had in the past? Again, check it out: All the new videos will be in HD. All videos are responsive…

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Teach High School Programming with PHP

August 1, 2014

Let’s start with the conclusion: PHP is a great language to start teaching middle and high school students programming. My 10yrs + of teaching web design and programming has taught me that. Why? PHP is a much more approachable language compared to other popular languages out there. For example, Ruby is a great and powerful…

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A Gentle Introduction to PHP

June 22, 2014

For web designers coming to PHP for the first time, programming can seem pretty complex. The main reason it feels that way, is because many PHP tutorials are not created by teachers … they are created by young programmers who have never taught before. … Believe it or not, there is a skill and a…

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How to Become a Web Developer – the Video!!

May 7, 2014

Hi, Based on my previous blog post, in this video I talk about what you need to do to become a web developer: Thanks! Stefan Mischook killerPHP.com

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Top 10 Web Programming Teaching Tips!

April 24, 2014
Posted in Learning PHP

Hi! This blog post is for teachers teaching web programming and design … but if you are learning PHP (or any other language) many of these tips will be helpful to you too. Let’s start with a teaser: 1. Start with an Easy Language: 
Don’t use hard to understand languages like Java, C#, C++ to…

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The #1 Rule of Programming

April 22, 2014
Posted in Learning PHP

Hi! There is a lot to learn when it comes to PHP programming … actually, there is a lot to learn when it comes to programming, regardless of the language. Here are my top for programming tips. Stefan’s #1 Rule of Programming: You will not remember everything you learn. All the methods, functions, design patterns…

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