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Java vs. PHP

February 25, 2020
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Specifically, why is Java (and .NET) used by larger companies and PHP tends to be used by small medium sized business? Are there technical limitation in PHP 7 that prevent it from being used in big companies? Does Java and .NET share capabilities that PHP lacks? Or, is there something else going on? Check out…

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Top 3 PHP Code Training Tips Video

October 3, 2016


I’ve been coding for over 20yrs, and have been teaching code since 2003. I can boil all the experience down to three tips when learning to code:

You can learn to write PHP code easily with me, by taking my powerful web developer course and training package.



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Tips to make learning PHP easy

October 2, 2016

Hi, I’ve been building web apps for over 20 yrs, and teaching PHP since 2006. In that time, I’ve boiled down all my teaching and coding experience to three powerful tips. These three simple things you can do, will make learning PHP development much easier for you: Take hand written notes as you learn. It’s…

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Learn PHP with Stefan

January 6, 2015

Hi, After a long delay (I wanted to get it right) my new subscription based training site is up and running – check out Why join webmentor? All my new videos will be there, you can ask questions right on the video pages, you have full access to the source files and my classic…

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New Video Training Site from Killerphp

September 8, 2014

Hi Guys! So, I am just announcing our new video training subscription service we built using Laravel and Twitter Bootstrap … among other things. Check it out: What makes different than what we’ve had in the past? Again, check it out: All the new videos will be in HD. All videos are responsive…

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A Gentle Introduction to PHP

June 22, 2014

For web designers coming to PHP for the first time, programming can seem pretty complex. The main reason it feels that way, is because many PHP tutorials are not created by teachers … they are created by young programmers who have never taught before. … Believe it or not, there is a skill and a…

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How to Become a Web Developer – the Video!!

May 7, 2014

Hi, Based on my previous blog post, in this video I talk about what you need to do to become a web developer: Thanks! Stefan Mischook

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New Video Course Package: Web Developer from Scratch

June 13, 2013
Posted in PHP Videos

Hi, I want to announce that we just combined our two popular packages (Complete Web Designer and Complete Web Programmer) into one mega training package: Web Developer from Scratch. This is by far our most comprehensive video package, with over 62hrs of video training that covers everything from basic web design, all the way to…

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Complete Web Programming Training for only $20!

May 5, 2013
Posted in PHP Videos

Hi, I will start with the main point: you can now get the Complete Web Programmer for only $20 (instead of the normal price of $100!) through our special deal. Read below to learn about the details … One of my most popular training packages is the Compete Web Programmer, because it takes you from…

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PHP Frameworks Explained

February 26, 2013

Hi, So you know a little PHP and you’ve heard about PHP frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter and Laravel but you have no idea what they really are and why you might want to learn them … if this is you, watch this video: If you like the video, be social about it and let people…

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