PHP is still by Far the Most used Server side programming language.

I just read an article on Ars Technica, where they talk about a study put out by W3Techs on how PHP still dominates the live Web. Today in 2021, PHP is used on about 80% of websites. is a distant second with about 9%.

… PHP is still king of the Web!

Interestingly, it seems that Ruby is the only language making some ground, rising to over 6% in 2021.

So you have to ask yourself, why is PHP so dominate?

Short answer: it works. Longer answer is that WordPress is so dominate, that it skews the data in PHP’s favour since WordPress is a PHP based application.

If you are learning to code to get a job, then PHP is a great choice … if finding a job is important to you!

Stefan Mischook


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