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Tips in Starting a Web Development Business in 2017

March 16, 2017

Hi! Every now and then I blog about questions put to me by aspiring web developers and other tech professionals in training. Here you go: Web development is a moving target as technology changes. So what are the skills you need to start a web development business in 2017? It comes down to a few…

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Learning Web Development in 2016-2017

May 24, 2016


I put out a ‘learning web development’ video every so often, because WHAT you need to learn changes over time. Here is the video for 2016-17:

If you want to learn web design or development from scratch, check out my new crazy easy course package.


Stefan Mischook

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Building your First Web App

February 11, 2016

Learn PHP by Building Web Applications

So you’ve done a few online tutorial projects and you know you basics (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript) but you don’t know how to do things off the top of your head … should you be worried?


Even the most experienced developers will be referring to videos, support forums and books to keep refreshing and building their skills. Yes, once you’ve done certain things a few times (ex: setting up an MVC framework like Laravel, designing databases) you will be able to do them without any help. But I can guarantee that other aspects of the project will send you researching!

… It’s the nature of development.

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Get 50% of Web Developer Training in PHP and JavaScript!

July 10, 2015

Hi, Get 50% off a 1 year subscription at webmentor.org! Regular price: $99 – now only $50! About the courses: Webmentor.org has all the courses you need to become a web designer and developer. Quickly learn the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. And then build real-world apps like a shopping cart…

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