Complete Web Programming Training for only $20!

May 5, 2013
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Complete Web Programmer Disc


I will start with the main point: you can now get the Complete Web Programmer for only $20 (instead of the normal price of $100!) through our special deal. Read below to learn about the details …

One of my most popular training packages is the Compete Web Programmer, because it takes you from knowing nothing about web programming, to having commercial web programming skills with PHP and JavaScript. Some nerd details:

The Complete Web Programmer offers you over 33 hours of training that easily guides you from total beginner to becoming a productive web programmer. You will learn:

  • PHP
  • PHP and MYSQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

… And much more!

Every student of web programming needs to get a hosting account at some point.

Being able to properly use a hosting account is part of the process of learning web programming and besides, you will probably need a website at some point too.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with a popular hosting company where you can now buy the $100 Complete Web Programmer package for only $20 when you get a 1 year hosting package … this will cost you $3.15/month, or the cost of one coffee per month!

It’s is by far the best deal we’ve offered or seen anywhere. If you were ever planning on learning PHP, Javascript or any of the topics covered in the Complete Web Programmer, this is your chance to do it for practically nothing.

Stefan Mischook


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