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Video Blog – The Roadmap To Learning PHP

April 18, 2011
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In this video blog, Stefan outlines what you need to learn in PHP and in what order. For more information on PHP, check out the Complete Web Programmer Package. Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer Video Store or by subscription to our Video Tutorial Library!…

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How to build a log in system with PHP.

May 19, 2010

Hi, I just wanted to announce that we will be releasing a PHP log in system video tutorial within a few days. Like all our videos, as you learn to build the project at hand, you will be secretly taught reusable PHP techniques and even some dreaded PHP nerd theory! Don’t worry though, the nerd…

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Two thumbs up for the Zend Framework Nerds.

January 26, 2010

Hi, I’ve been busy with things and so not too many updates lately. Not to worry thought, we have a brand new course and lots of free videos coming out soon on advanced MySQL. In the following podcast (it was a video but I changed my mind …), I talk about the pragmatism of the…

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Getting into PHP6 and Advanced PHP Concepts Part 6

November 1, 2009

Hi, They just keep on coming! This is video 6 of a series of videos where we explore PHP6 and other advanced PHP concepts, concepts often seen in PHP frameworks like Zend, PHP Cake and others. The video: Yes, I’m using Youtube … it saves me bandwidth! I’ve been pushing 250 GB a month just…

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My Killer PHP Learning Tips

September 3, 2009

Hi, Learning to program can be a frustrating process for a lot of people; especially for designer types wanting to learn a little PHP. The following tips should help a lot of you along the way to becoming a PHP nerd. My PHP learning tips: 1. Be patient: Patience is a virtue, especially when learning…

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PHP Video: Improve your PHP skills by learning ANOTHER programming language.

June 21, 2009

In this video, I discuss how learning another programming language will make you a better PHP programmer. This may seem strange at first, but watch the video and you will see that I am not smoking anything …

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PHP Video: Why Zend instead of other PHP Frameworks?

June 14, 2009

Hi, In response to my a recent podcast where I recommended that PHP programmers learn the Zend Framework, I was asked why I choose Zend, rather than other PHP frameworks. The video:

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PHP Video: the Zend Framework and Web 2.0.

May 26, 2009

Hi, I just released a new PHP video podcast where I answer a few questions put to me about php. I answer these questions: 1. Do you need to learn the Zend Framework? 2. Do you need a PHP certificate? 3. How does PHP fit into Web 2.0. I am using a totally new format…

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Podcast: Structuring PHP Projects

November 10, 2008
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In the following podcast I go over the key factor when determining how to structure a PHP project. In a nutshell, it comes down to the size and complexity of the job. For the details, listen to me yap: php-podcast-project-structure Thanks, Stefan Mischook

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