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PHP Video: Improve your PHP skills by learning ANOTHER programming language.

June 21, 2009

php video

In this video, I discuss how learning another programming language will make you a better PHP programmer. This may seem strange at first, but watch the video and you will see that I am not smoking anything …

Check out the video:

The major points:

Most modern programming languages:

– Java
– Actionscript
– Javascript
– etc

… Share a common foundation, and as such, are very similar. Though similar, they all do things in their own unique ways. So for example, learning how to create classes in Actionscript 3.0 and then comparing this to how you would do it in PHP, is like looking at something from another angle.

Contrasting and Comparing Programming Languages

Being able to compare languages this way, will give you insight into both languages that might take you much longer to learn otherwise. This is something I discovered years ago by accident, when I started to dive into Java … learning Java gave me a much deeper understanding of Javascript. It was a huge eye opener.

Does that mean you should drop PHP?

No! PHP is the Web programming language of the day. I would suggest you choose a second or third language that will compliment your day-to-day PHP work. For example, something like Javascript so that you can get into Web 2.0, Ajax and libraries like JQuery. Or maybe Flash Actionscript, if you think you may want to get into rich internet applications.

What?! Actionscript and PHP!

You bet. Actionscript/Flash has been used with PHP for years. And now the connection is getting even deeper where Flex Builder will be working with Zend.


Whichever language you choose, by selecting something that is complementary to PHP, you will be killing two birds with one stone, as you deepen your overall programming knowledge.


Stefan Mischook