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Every entrepreneur and business owner is familiar with the term ROI. However, when it comes to their business websites they have little or nothing to say when talking about ROI. The overwhelming amount of information in the digital world can trick even the sharpest mind. There seems to be one to many online marketing strategies…

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PHP is Server Side Programming’s Rocky!

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and have used many programming languages over the years to build commercial apps. Thought PHP was NOT my favorite language, years ago, I came to respect the pragmatic and effective nature of the PHP universe. From day one, with PHP, you just got things done fast. PHP sucks! PHP…

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The Critical Job of Testing … in App Development

Hi! We are about to lock-down an app’s code base, before moving to a total rewrite from scratch. But before we move on, it is important that the current version be pretty much bug free, and fully functional. … Just in case the new version of the app doesn’t hit deadlines on time. At least…

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Tips in Starting a Web Development Business in 2017

Hi! Every now and then I blog about questions put to me by aspiring web developers and other tech professionals in training. Here you go: Web development is a moving target as technology changes. So what are the skills you need to start a web development business in 2017? It comes down to a few…

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How to Become a Web Developer – the Video!!

May 7, 2014

Hi, Based on my previous blog post, in this video I talk about what you need to do to become a web developer: Thanks! Stefan Mischook

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PHP Discussion with Stefan Mischook

March 31, 2014

Hi! I did a guest podcast for DCRadio about a month ago on PHP, programming languages and choosing a PHP framework. I think David summarised it well: For anyone reading this, scratching your head wondering which language or framework to use… this is a good discussion on the factors that you should consider… If the…

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PHP Tip: Keep your Code Clean!

November 11, 2011

In this not so concise somewhat blathering video I talk about keeping code clean. Applies to not only PHP and HTML, but to all languages like Javascript, Java and your bedroom too. Stefan Mischook

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Choices in your Programming Career

August 28, 2011

Hi, In the following video blog, I discuss the options you have to consider when getting into programming/software development as a career. Choisces that include: – the language: PHP, Ruby, Java etc – where you want to work: as a contractor, for small business, or for the enterprise. You can watch the full video here:…

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Video Blog – The Web Programmer's Dress Code

April 27, 2011
Posted in PHP Podcast

In this video blog, Stefan talks about the web designer’s dress code. Here’s a clue – there is none! For more information on web design, check out the Complete Web Designer Package. Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer Video Store or by subscription to our…

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Video Blog – Is A Web Programming Degree Required?

April 25, 2011
Posted in PHP Podcast

In this video blog, Stefan talks about the importance of a web design degree. He also gets into which programming languages will make degrees more important. For more information on web programming, check out the Complete Web Programmer Package. Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer…

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