PHP is Server Side Programming’s Rocky!

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and have used many programming languages over the years to build commercial apps. Thought PHP was NOT my favorite language, years ago, I came to respect the pragmatic and effective nature of the PHP universe. From day one, with PHP, you just got things done fast.

PHP sucks! PHP is old!

Funny, PHP is the programming world’s whipping boy. People have been disparaging the language for years and years. And yet, like Rocky Balboa, it just keeps on coming and winning!

PHP now powers more websites than any other server side programming language … some estimates say nearly 80%! Consider that the 3 most popular CMS’ are built with PHP (WordPress, Drupal and Joomla) … it stands to reason.


Contrast that to the once darling of the nerd-hipster programming world: Ruby on Rails. Rails for all its’ positive qualities and innovations of its’ day, has slowly faded. Year after year as PHP continues to hold its’ quiet dominance in the server side programming space, Ruby on Rails slowly sinks in obscurity reminiscent of other failed technologies like Delphi, ColdFusion and Flash.


The naysayer nerd-hipsters will always find fault with PHP because of its’ sorted past, but history teaches us that just like Rocky, PHP will not only last for years to come, but will in fact thrive due to its’ yuuuge install base, and because of continued development of innovative tools like Laravel.

Thanks for reading!

Stefan Mischook


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