Every entrepreneur and business owner is familiar with the term ROI. However, when it comes to their business websites they have little or nothing to say when talking about ROI. The overwhelming amount of information in the digital world can trick even the sharpest mind. There seems to be one to many online marketing strategies…

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PHP is Server Side Programming’s Rocky!

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and have used many programming languages over the years to build commercial apps. Thought PHP was NOT my favorite language, years ago, I came to respect the pragmatic and effective nature of the PHP universe. From day one, with PHP, you just got things done fast. PHP sucks! PHP…

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The Critical Job of Testing … in App Development

Hi! We are about to lock-down an app’s code base, before moving to a total rewrite from scratch. But before we move on, it is important that the current version be pretty much bug free, and fully functional. … Just in case the new version of the app doesn’t hit deadlines on time. At least…

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Tips in Starting a Web Development Business in 2017

Hi! Every now and then I blog about questions put to me by aspiring web developers and other tech professionals in training. Here you go: Web development is a moving target as technology changes. So what are the skills you need to start a web development business in 2017? It comes down to a few…

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Which PHP Framework is best?

October 31, 2014

Hi! I get asked a lot: which is the best PHP framework? Or, should I choose PHP framework A or should I should PHP framework B? The short answer: it depends! See below for the deeper answer. When considering a framework, besides checking out what the uber-nerds are talking about at the time, consider the…

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CodeIgniter vs Laravel

February 22, 2013

Hi, So a bunch of CodeIgniter nerds/contributors decided to build a new framework because things about CodeIgniter didn’t sit too well with them … tell me something new. Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down the Laravel crew for what they did, I just wanted to point out this happens all the time….

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PHP, Zend Framework, Ruby and Web App Frameworks.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine who has his finger on the pulse of the web app developer community – whether it be PHP, Ruby and even .Net. So I asked: Last we spoke, you mentioned that the Zend Framework was in a do or die situation? Can you elaborate…

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The Trend is Zend … in PHP

February 9, 2010

Hi, People ask me from time to time, what PHP framework is the best one to learn? Well, I always look at technology choices with two things in mind: How capable is the technology? How accepted is the technology? If you look around, it becomes pretty clear, that if you want to learn an effective…

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Two thumbs up for the Zend Framework Nerds.

January 26, 2010

Hi, I’ve been busy with things and so not too many updates lately. Not to worry thought, we have a brand new course and lots of free videos coming out soon on advanced MySQL. In the following podcast (it was a video but I changed my mind …), I talk about the pragmatism of the…

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Live Webinar on Google Wave and the Zend Framework

Hi Guys, My good buddy and right-hand-nerd, Jon is being flown down to do a live webinar for the Zend geeks at Intuit. It seems the accounting giant has recognized Jon’s ability to take the complex and make it seem simple. Just in case you don’t know, Jon is the author of our crazy cool…

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