Zend Framework Video Tutorials

March 9, 2008

I just launched a new section on Killerphp.com on the Zend Framework. I figured it only made sense, given that we’ve built two live web applications based on it: Video sharing site: www.idea22.com Web template sharing site: www.webshapes.org – For those of you who are not familar with the Zend Framework: The Zend Framework is…

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Zend Framework: Using View Helpers to Build Rich, Scalable, Controls

January 29, 2008

Using View Helpers to Build Rich, Scalable, Controls by: Jon Lebensold Whether you’re developing an ASP.NET application, working with rails or dealing with a templating engine like Smarty, the idea of partial templates is not foreign. Partial templates allow developers and designers to work with panels or sub-groupings of content that need to be dynamic….

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Zend Framework Components Part 2: Zend_View

January 14, 2008
Posted in Zend-Framework

By: Jon Lebensold As part of a series of articles about the Zend Framework and MVC, I’d like to take some time and cover Zend_View (the ‘V’ in that MVC triad). Within the Zend Framework architecture and documentation, Zend_View is often coupled with the Zend_Controller as a means of providing a templating engine that encourages…

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Zend Framework Components – Part 1

December 14, 2007

By: Jonathan Lebensold Why aren’t you teaching me how to make a blogging / shopping cart application? Because the Pragmatic Programmers did a fantastic job when they wrote their famous Rails book “Agile Web Development with Rails.” Crowds ooo-ed and aaa-ed when the rails camp wrote tutorials that described “how to make a blog in…

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The Zend Framework: Writing Object-Oriented PHP with Ease.

November 21, 2007

Introduction In my attempt to turn you nerds into uber-nerds, I’ve been lucky enough to get the young and talented Jon Lebensold (my right hand nerd) to bang out a few articles (and soon videos) on some of the emerging PHP technologies and working practices that take PHP into the enterprise arena. Enterprise arena =…

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