Why did I Drop Java for PHP?

April 25, 2012
Posted in Editorial


I got a pretty good question today, something I may have never talked about before: why did I drop Java?

Short answer:


… It is just so much faster to develop in PHP vs Java. Same can be said for Ruby, and in fact, many of those in the Ruby ranks, are disaffected Java programmers.

Also, Java web hosting on a shared server can be problematic because the JVM requires a lot of server resources and so if you are creating Java web apps, it is best to have a dedicated server to deploy too.

So does that mean Java is useless?

No. But it is something that you DON’T use for small and even medium size web application development. Best to use Java for larger systems and Android programming.

I did love Java once, but like a fat old girlfriend, you just have to give em’ the boot if they get too fat and too old.


Stefan Mischook

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