HTML5 and the Rise of Pragmatism

April 21, 2012


Anyone who has read anything I’ve written (or watched my video blogs,) knows I can’t stand academics. I was particularly vocal against the early 2000’s Web Standards movement’s zealotry, wherein reality was pushed aside in favor of code purity.

These nerds would ignore reality – for example:

  • They would ignore how the most popular browsers where interpreting code – often times in a method contrary to their nerd wet-dreams. And they would come up with harebrained hacks to jam in their ‘compliant’ code. Hacks that eventually broke in many cases, defeating the supposed original purpose of the Web Standards movement!
  • They would obfuscate what the actual browser use was in terms of real people surfing the Web. They would come out with numbers that did not reflect the reality they were desperately trying to ignore: that the vast majority of people surfing the Web were using web browsers (Internet Explorer) that did not play nice with their ideas of how a web browser should read code.

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