New WordPress Themes Video Tutorial

November 26, 2008
Posted in News, PHP Videos

Hi, I just released a new video course on how to create a WordPress theme/template from scratch. About the video: Video Synopsis – Building a Simple WordPress Theme In these 12 videos, we will take someone with some beginner HTML and CSS skills through the steps needed to build a WordPress template from scratch. The…

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Does WordPress 2.5.1 suck?

June 4, 2008
Posted in Editorial

I know I will probably get blasted/flamed for this post … but that’s the life of a nerd with an opinion. So does WP 2.5.1 suck? I’m not sure! 🙁 UPDATE: I have since discovered new information and have resolved the problem … kind of. You can find details in the comments below. – So…

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Killer Open Source PHP Projects

March 27, 2008
Posted in Editorial

Part of PHP’s power is actually found in the variety of open source (free to use) PHP based applications. I’m talking about things like blogs, web frameworks, forums, cms’ etc … … I was just thinking, that a list of ‘killer’ PHP open source projects would be useful … for a few reasons: Once upon…

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