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Does WordPress 2.5.1 suck?

June 4, 2008


I know I will probably get blasted/flamed for this post … but that’s the life of a nerd with an opinion.

So does WP 2.5.1 suck? I’m not sure!



I have since discovered new information and have resolved the problem … kind of. You can find details in the comments below.

So what’s the problem with WordPress 2.5.1?

I just recently installed the this latest version of WordPress (2.5.1) and quickly found it hanging (while trying to load a page) for as long as 40-50 seconds!

I then proceeded to isolate the potential causes (database, custom fields, custom theme) and have since found out that something stinks in 2.5.1’s core.

The bug is not consistent across servers – that means, it could be hard to find.

After installing WordPress 2.5.1 multiple times on one of my servers (the server where I always got the massive slowdown) I then installed 2.5.1 on another server of ours and so far, it seems to be working.

Some might think that the simple answer is that the first server is the problem. Well, the problem with that assumption is that all previous versions of WordPress work fine … along with 5-6 other PHP applications.

… No, it’s a WordPress 2.5.1 thing.

Update: I am having the same problem with WordPress 2.3.3. Strange because WordPress 2.3.1 works.


I’m not the only one.

A few minutes of Googling revealed, that I was not the only one having these problems.

Unfortunately for me, the solutions suggested don’t seem to solve my problem. Too bad, WordPress 2.5.1 has some nice administrative features.

My suggestion:

Before you upgrade your old working installation of WordPress, I would suggest that you test 2.5.1 in some other directory just to be sure it works with your server.

Stefan Mischook