KillerSites University vs. StudioWeb.

March 23, 2014
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I recently got an email from a single mom asking two questions:

  1. Should I take StudioWeb or KillerSites University?
  2. Making money with PHP.

My response:

Hi Samatha,

You asked:

“… StudioWeb vs. KillerSites University?”

KillerSites University was/is basically StudioWeb in an earlier form … that means you want to go with Studioweb. In fact, KillerSites University is pretty much shut down; I just kept it up for old subscribers.

… Studioweb is now being used by public schools, community colleges and tutoring centers – the courses and the Studioweb system are much more refined vs. KillerSites University. Makes for a much better learning experience.

Why did we change the name from KillerSites University to Studioweb?

We actually changed the name, because school boards did not like the word ‘killer’ in software they were using at the school.

Fortunatly, I was lucky enough to have kept – I created this domain in 1998 for my web design studio.

… Time flies!!

PHP and making money:

Yep! Not only will you be able to raise your price, you will find many, many more jobs open to you.

Studioweb’s cost:

It cost me a small fortune (!) to build and refine Studioweb over the last two years – but it will cost you practically nothing to use it!

We kept the price low – $119 for year. Or three payments of $39.99. This comes with the option to go for certification with us – same one being used by public schools.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me.



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