Becoming a Web Developer – tips from an old pro.

March 2, 2014

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I’ve been teaching web design and programming for over a decade and I’ve been active building websites and web apps since 1994 – I’ve been around the block … and back again.

Web Developer as a Career

I have a few tips for you if you are thinking of becoming a web designer or programmer/developer:

First thing, becoming a web developer is a great career move – this is a growing field that will have plenty of demand for many years. In fact, there will be many more jobs than there are people for at least a decade … it’s a major problem in the US and other western nations.

Learning web development can seem like a daunting task … so here are some learning tips:

  1. Be prepared to make mistakes and hit roadblocks. It takes a little time to develop the nerd-eyes.
  2. Concentrate on learning code and the foundations of code – don’t be tempted by tools that try to hide code from you .. because in the end, you will save more time learning to code.
  3. Don’t just sit back and watch the videos – do the code examples, even the simple ones. Repetition is the key.

If you want to learn web development, you might as well learn from the best – that us! Why not take advantage of my popular Web Developer from Scratch training package – these are the SAME courses that K12 public schools, community colleges and career centers are using today to train their students.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.



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