Every entrepreneur and business owner is familiar with the term ROI. However, when it comes to their business websites they have little or nothing to say when talking about ROI. The overwhelming amount of information in the digital world can trick even the sharpest mind. There seems to be one to many online marketing strategies…

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PHP is Server Side Programming’s Rocky!

I’ve been writing code since 1994, and have used many programming languages over the years to build commercial apps. Thought PHP was NOT my favorite language, years ago, I came to respect the pragmatic and effective nature of the PHP universe. From day one, with PHP, you just got things done fast. PHP sucks! PHP…

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The Critical Job of Testing … in App Development

Hi! We are about to lock-down an app’s code base, before moving to a total rewrite from scratch. But before we move on, it is important that the current version be pretty much bug free, and fully functional. … Just in case the new version of the app doesn’t hit deadlines on time. At least…

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Tips in Starting a Web Development Business in 2017

Hi! Every now and then I blog about questions put to me by aspiring web developers and other tech professionals in training. Here you go: Web development is a moving target as technology changes. So what are the skills you need to start a web development business in 2017? It comes down to a few…

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What JS framework should you learn?

January 30, 2016
Posted in Javascript


PHP developers have to learn some JavaScript. There is no debate there, given that JS is the most important programming language in the world, and since when it comes to browser scripting, there is no other option.

JavaScript, like PHP, has several frameworks/libraries to choose from: jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS … etc. With that in mind, I had someone put this question to me recently: “Is there JS framework you would recommend or to think about ?”

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Should you use JQuery less and do more raw Javascript?

April 13, 2014
Posted in Javascript

Yo! Not strictly PHP … actually, this is not PHP at all! But it is still relevant to any active PHP coders because you will need to use JavaScript with PHP – that is almost a certainty. Someone put this question to me recently: What’s your opinion on using pure JavaScript over that of Jquery…

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A Million Lines of JavaScript!

March 28, 2013
Posted in Javascript

Hi, I recently read an article (in Techcrunch,) where the author suggest that JavaScript may have problems with projects with over a million lines of code … and because of that, you should consider alternatives. WHAT!? This is a silly thing to say because for 99% of us, we will never even come close to…

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Learn More Than PHP

March 5, 2013

Hi, I am HUGE advocate of learning alternative languages and frameworks. So that means if you are a PHP Zend man, I would suggest learning another MVC framework like Laravel or any other PHP framework that looks interesting to you – there are many to choose from: Cake PHP CodeIgniter Symfony … Etc PHP programmers…

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Form Validation with PHP and Javascript – mini Video Course.

February 13, 2013

Hi, I want to announce that we just released a new mini video course on form validation with PHP and Javascript. Some details about the video course: In this Mini Course, learn how to use both PHP and Javascript to validate HTML forms. Proper form validation is helpful to everyone involved: It allows the web…

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iOS Programming is going to go Niche … then Ultra Niche!

January 14, 2013
Posted in iOS, Javascript, Mobile

Hi, One of the things that I see time and time again, is a (once hot) technology … fall into a niche. This time, I think it is native iOS programming that will slowly fade away. Why? Here are my top five reason why native iOS programming will become niche: iPhone penetration is falling –…

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