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Zend Framework: Using View Helpers to Build Rich, Scalable, Controls

January 29, 2008

Using View Helpers to Build Rich, Scalable, Controls by: Jon Lebensold Whether you’re developing an ASP.NET application, working with rails or dealing with a templating engine like Smarty, the idea of partial templates is not foreign. Partial templates allow developers and designers to work with panels or sub-groupings of content that need to be dynamic….

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The Zend Framework: Writing Object-Oriented PHP with Ease.

November 21, 2007

Introduction In my attempt to turn you nerds into uber-nerds, I’ve been lucky enough to get the young and talented Jon Lebensold (my right hand nerd) to bang out a few articles (and soon videos) on some of the emerging PHP technologies and working practices that take PHP into the enterprise arena. Enterprise arena =…

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What is Source Control and Why Should I Use It?

November 5, 2007
Posted in Advanced PHP

By: Jon Lebensold So you’ve started developing this application for a client and naturally, he or she is really pleased with your development. Six months pass. You’re called in again to add a couple features to your existing application. Unfortunately, as you begin development, changes in the source code begin to occur.

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