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JQUERY Video Tutorial Course.

September 3, 2009



I like to announce our new JQuery video tutorial course.

Though not strictly related to PHP, JQuery is a very popular Javascript library that many PHP programmers find themselves working with.

Besides straight JQuery videos, we do get into some PHP specific subjects:

  • PHP and Ajax
  • PHP and JSON

The table of contents:

* Getting jQuery: Part 1 – 8:22 minutes
* Getting jQuery: Part 2 – 8:57 minutes
* Events: Part 1 – 14:43 minutes
* Events: Part 2 – 13:23 minutes
* Dom manipulation – 10:39 minutes
* Ajax introduction – 10:16 minutes
* Ajax with PHP – 17:59 minutes
* Introduction to JSON – 14:47 minutes
* PHP classes with JSON – 21:21 minutes

This is not a one of my completely free courses but I released about 40 minutes of free videos from the course.

About the course:

jQuery is the predominate AJAX / Javascript library that is used by Adobe, Microsoft and many other companies and organizations.

Learning jQuery will make it easy for you to create all kinds of cool DOM and Ajax affects with very little effort. Beyond the canned menus and affects, jQuery also makes it easier for hard-core Javascript and AJAX programmers to get things done.

Thanks for reading,

Stefan Mischook