Book Review: PHP Hacks

September 10, 2006
Posted in PHP Books

PHP Hacks is essentially a collection of ‘bite-size’ PHP scripts that you can easily drop into your websites.

Besides being able to use the hacks straight away in your projects, the PHP code/hacks are clearly explained making them good tutorials for learning how you might do something in PHP.


  • Creating a shopping cart.
  • Using AJAX with JSON – a php library that makes working with AJAX easy.
  • PEAR hacks like Net-Geo to find out state and city locations of people.
  • A good examination of PHP design patterns.

Not exactly for beginners, but if you have an understanding of basic PHP you will be OK and you will learn a lot. This book is also good for programmers (from other languages) who want to get a good idea of what tools, libraries are available in the PHP world.

Another good book from O’reilly.


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