Web Programming for 2013 … and Beyond!

February 5, 2013
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Web programmers have to keep on their toes – you can’t let yourself fall behind using old technology that nobody is interested in. Flash anyone?

… I didn’t think so! Ok, let’s start:

1. PHP is STILL King of the Server Side!

PHP was not the first language I learned (it was JavaScript) and PHP is not the prettiest language out there … but it is overall the most utilitarian.

PHP is the most popular and the most approachable server-side programming language out there. Its’ duct-tape like feel, has made it mega popular and today, you see many important open source projects (that you can use) are built using PHP:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • shopping carts
  • forums
  • social networking tools

… And many more. Learn PHP and you will see your salary shoot up and the number of jobs shoot up.

2. HTML5 & CSS3

It think this one is easy … everything and everyone is going HTML 5 and CSS 3:

  • Android (Google)
  • iOS / Max OSX (Apple)
  • Windows (Microsoft)

… This includes all the major web browsers of course.

When people talk about HTML 5, they are really talking about a group of technologies that work together:

  1. HTML 5
  2. CSS 3
  3. JavaScript

HTML 5 and CSS 3 are basically very powerful extensions to HTML and CSS … and so if you understand the basic principles and techniques of these two foundation web languages, HTML5 and CSS3 should be approachable. That said, the added power does present some head scratching challenges a long the way. No worries though, we have the easy to follow training for you.


3. JavaScript

JavaScript will become the most important programming language over the next few years – if it isn’t already.


Because JavaScript is the language that glues all the HTML5 stuff together – it is essential and it is the only game in town.

With other languages like Java, PHP and Ruby … there are many competing alternatives, and so their importance is diminished to some degree. JavaScript stands alone and is used anywhere where HTML5 is used – so that means everywhere. Learn JavaScript if you want to get ahead of the herd.

A note on Java:

Someone recently asked me about learning Java (my old favorite language) … should he learn Java to work for a large corporation? To be clear, Java is not JavaScript … they are in fact very different languages.

My answer:

You don’t need Java to work for large corporations, but you will also find Java is NOT the best choice in a small business environment. Remember that Java is now a dinosaur language that even though it is not going away fast, it is still on the long decline. The action is now in PHP, HTML5, Javascript … everything taught in my Complete Web Programmer course package.

That’s all for now,

Stefan Mischook

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