Running Windows on your Mac

October 16, 2007
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This is a touch off topic but I thought that some PHP’ers out there might be interested nonetheless.


I got my first Mac about 8-9 months ago and I have to say after having used Windows (all flavors) since 1994, I have to admit that OSX is the best operating system I ever used. Yes, even better than DOS!


The problem is, that I have a few Windows only applications that at first glance, (it would seem,) will not run on a Mac.

… That said, I’ve have found that this is actually not a problem at all … thanks to a few options that you have to run Windows and Windows based programs on Mac OSX .

I wrote a whole article on running Windows on a Mac and even created a couple of demonstration videos!

How does this have to do anything with PHP?

Practically speaking, not too much. But, Mac OSX is Unix under-the-hood and so are most Web Servers.

That means using a Mac will give access to a whole slew of very useful Unix tools that you don’t have on Windows (a.k.a.: the crasher,) and you will gain a better understanding of what you can do on Linux/Unix based web servers. PHP is better tied into Linux anyway.

Stefan Mischook

2 Responses

  1. JohnR Author October 19, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    Welcome to the world of MAC! Also, LOVING your PHP vids. Keep up great work, much appreciated.

  2. Stefan Mischook Author November 7, 2007 at 3:02 am


    Thanks for the warm welcome to the Mac world. It has be fun so far.

    … Just waiting for Leopard to shake itself out a little.

    Glad you like the videos.


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