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August 16, 2006
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I’ve received many emails over the last few years, with complaints of how confusing PHP seemed … of how hard the documentation on the web seemed to be.

So I created to help those web designers who seemed to be more inclined to design and not to code.


I put up the first few videos in July, and at the same time, I let people know on the forum about them.

Since then (and to my surprise), in the month and a half that has been online, there has been some interesting things happening:

  • The Digg community seem to like the videos: over 800 diggs last time I checked.
  • The people at Zend Developer zone mentioned an article I wrote and recommended my videos for beginners.
  • Many PHP sites started mentioning

According to Google, the term ‘’ has appeared in over 18 000 web pages – in less than 2 months! Overall, not a bad reaction in this short a time.


Generally a positive reaction to the material, I do occasionally get complaints from (what I guess are) experienced PHP programmers, that the videos are too simple or that I’m not the most exciting speaker.

I know I need to keep working on my nerd-speaking skills but too simple!?

… For me, that means I’ve done my job – I’m trying to teach people who don’t know php …

That said, I do appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit the site and I especially appreciate the feedback, both good and bad. I will try to improve and expand based on what you tell me.

Thanks again,

Stefan Mischook


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