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Turning on display_errors in WAMP – Video Tutorial

August 30, 2007

PHP Video Tutorial


Within a WAMP installation, I ran into a little issue today when trying to change php.ini’s ‘display_errors’ property.

By default WAMP installs with ‘display_errors’ to ‘Off’:

display_errors = Off

… This is a pain-in-the-ass setting when trying to write new PHP code because errors don’t get displayed in the browser window; you have to go to the log file.

So like any good nerd, I popped open php.ini and made the change:

display_errors = On

Problem is that it didn’t work. I soon discovered that WAMP was using ANOTHER php.ini file on my machine!


Run phpinfo() and look for the property: ‘Loaded Configuration File’

This will tell you what php.ini WAMP is using.

I created a video (with more details on WAMP and php.ini) for those who like to watch.


Stefan Mischook