New Screencasts: Use PHP, jQuery & AJAX to Load XML Data

March 4, 2010
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I wanted to announce that we released a two part video screencast tutorial in our video tutorial subscription service on using PHP, jQuery and AJAX to load XML data.

… We built this script for our own sites, so that we could grab RSS feeds from our forums and display them on various home pages.

Learn not just one cool programming technique, but two, three or more!

This is a cool video tutorial, because it shows you not only how to use jQuery, but you also get to see how to combine jQuery with PHP to do something pretty useful.

For example, with what you learn in this video tutorial, you could create a news aggregator page that grabs RSS feeds from your favorite news sites … no need to surf around.

The source files are included with the video subscription service. You can find it in the Misc. PHP videos section of the library.

I may post part 1 here within the next few days – still thinking about it.


Stefan Mischook (Nerd supreme around here!)

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