Learning Java OOP gently …. through PHP!

November 18, 2010


Some of you may know that I am an old Java programmer … big into POJO’s and I loved servlet filters. Those days are long gone now (for a whole host of reasons) but I still clearly remember how hard it was for me to learn Java. It could have been much easier though!

Learning OOP Java easily through PHP

If you already know OOP from another language, then by all means, jump right into Java … you should have know problems. If on the other hand you are like I was, where you don’t understand OOP yet or you haven’t even programmed before, do yourself a big favor and learn the principles of OOP (object oriented programming) with a much easier to understand language like PHP.

… Yes, PHP doesn’t look a lot like Java but the OOP constructs and principles are the same. Except with PHP, it is much less complicated. I won’t get into the specifics why, but let’s just say Java makes you do a lot more work to get the same things done as compared to PHP.

When Learning to fight, better to start with an easier opponent.

Besides getting my nose broken 3 times, boxing taught me that when you are first learning to fight, it’s a good idea to not get into the ring with Mike Tyson. Otherwise you will probably get knocked out and you might even get your ears bitten off.

The same is true for learning object oriented programming; better to learn this style of programming with an easier to understand (and use) language like PHP, instead of Java – the Mike Tyson of languages.

Where to learn OOP programming?

So if you think what I say makes sense, then head over to my very popular, super easy to understand FREE lessons on PHP and OOP.

… I’m sure many Java wannabe’s will find the lessons useful.

See you on Live!

Stefan Mischook

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  1. SQL training Author January 19, 2011 at 11:44 pm Reply

    Wow this is an interesting article! I am new in the field of programming. And thank you for sharing the link on where to learn OOP programming!

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