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Connecting PHP to MYSQL Video Tutorial

April 14, 2008


I was just looking over and noticed that I hadn’t posted any new content for a little while – it’s been about two weeks!

… That can happen when your busy removing your teeth.


Anyway, I’ve gotten around to releasing a new set of beginners video tutorials on PHP. This time around, I have a four part video on how to get PHP to talk to MySQL.

PHP Video Tutorial

Besides actually walking through the code of connecting PHP to MySQL, we learn a few other things along the way:

  • We learn about the multiple ways that PHP provides for us, in terms of being able to work with MySQL.
  • We learn about the importance of understanding error messages in programming in general. We look at a couple of specific errors that you can run across when working with MySQL.
  • We learn about the die() function and how it can be used when working with MySQL.

As with all my beginners videos, beyond teaching the task at hand (meaning the main point of the video) I also try to introduce other things along the way – things like new functions and good programming practices.

The videos have a total running time of about 27 minutes and are presented in a new format. Let me know what you think.


Stefan Mischook