Complete Web Programmer vs. Complete PHP Programmer?

November 15, 2010

I got an interesting email question today:

As ever I am always planning ahead. Since I am now half way through your Complete Web Designer course I am looking to complete the Complete Web Programmer next.

But I have noticed the Complete PHP Programmer also. Looking at the modules these seem quite alike. Has one replaced the other? Which one is better suited to the beginner (me) and why?

Hi Mick,

The Complete PHP Programmer has the same content as the Complete Web Programmer minus the Javascript and JQuery material.

We added that course because some people only want to learn PHP. I recommend the Complete Web Programmer if you want to become a web programmer though, since Javascript is so central these days to dynamic websites.

Mick continues …

Im still thinking of purchasing your HTML5/CSS3 DVD first and getting the best grasp of HTML/CSS before branching out, but I like to plan ahead also. I aim to get through all of your courses that are relevant to myself at one point and as such trying to work out a rough order.

The order of learning things, is ultimately a personal thing. That said, I generally believe that learning the basics of the big four is first priority:

2. CSS
3. PHP
4. Javascript

… I would then move on to HTML 5 and CSS 3 simply because they are still niche technologies … growing, but still niche.

Stefan Mischook

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  1. SQL training Author January 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm Reply

    Do you think it’s okay for beginners to Complete Web Programmer than Complete PHP Programmer?

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