CodeIgniter is out and Laravel is In!

January 22, 2014
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I don’t how many of you are interested in PHP frameworks … if you are an intermediate level PHP programmer who understands OOP PHP, you ought start learning about PHP frameworks because they will save you a lot of time developing web applications and make them more robust.

Anyway, when you have frameworks, you will have framework battles! CodeIgniter was one of the more prominent PHP frameworks out there but it is quickly loosing favor to a much younger sexier framework called Laravel.

… The ironic thing about this, is that the Laravel developers are probably not very sexy themselves* … given that they had time to develop a new PHP framework. But this matters not, because the world needs more non-sexy nerds developing good code.


So here is my video take on this subject:

1. Being a staunchly heterosexual male, I have no ability to discern whether a man is sexy or not. In this particular case, I have no inside knowledge or any information whatsoever with regards to the sexiness of the nerds in questions. For all I know, they could be master pickup-artists who have mastered ‘The Game’.


Stefan Mischook


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