Object Oriented PHP:

Classes and Objects in PHP

August 1, 2007

Hi, I’ve written up a short (2 pages,) document that goes over some of the very basics of object oriented programming – it should take you all of 5 minutes to read. I wrote this as the preamble to my next video on object oriented PHP where we will actually create living breathing PHP objects….

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Why Learn Object Oriented PHP – the PDF

July 28, 2007

I’ve just released a PDF that outlines the reasons for learning object oriented (OO) PHP. PDF: why learn object oriented PHP This document is meant to support my video on the same topic: Video: why learn object oriented PHP. Yes, this is basic stuff. But not everybody is a nerd-wizard. – I hope you guys…

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Object Oriented PHP Videos are now out!

July 27, 2007

Hi, I’ve finally found the time to create a couple of videos on object oriented PHP! The following videos are based on an article I wrote for Web Designer Magazine that taught OOP in PHP to total beginners. OBJECT ORIENTED PHP VIDEOS With the release of php5 (in 2004,) php programmers finally had the power…

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OOP in PHP: New PHP article to appear in Web Designer Magazine November's Issue

November 7, 2006

I have a new article appearing in issue 125 of Web Designer Magazine – the November issue. Article title: Learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP Sample from the article: With the release of php5, php programmers finally had the power to code with the ‘big boys’. Like Java and C#, php finally has a…

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PHP Interfaces: when and why you should use them instead of classes?

August 26, 2006

In this article/podcast, I look at what php interfaces are, and when and why we would use them over classes. AUDIENCE: To follow along, you must know the basics of object oriented php. – Download the MP3: PHP Interfaces Explained. The following notes are meant to support the podcast … I left the details in…

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