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PHP Sessions Video Tutorials – Part 1

February 13, 2008

Hi, I’ve just released a new beginners video tutorial that introduces people to PHP sessions: PHP Sessions Video Tutorial PHP sessions are one of the most important mechanisms in PHP because they solve a fundamental issue in web application development: keeping state on a user. If what I just says confuses you, no worries, it’s…

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What Makes a PHP Web Application?

November 7, 2007

Once and a while a get an email question put to me that I think many others are probably wondering about the same thing. I got this email from Jordan: Hi Stefan, I am very interested in learning how to program, specifically with php. I went through all you videos which are excellent! My main…

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Video Tutorial: PHP conditionals

September 24, 2007

The following video teaches the basics of conditional statements in PHP; specifically the ‘if’ statement. PHP conditionals video tutorial Again, this video is for beginners to PHP and programming in general. Note to uber-nerds: If anyone complains to me that this video is to simple, I might hit you with a theoretical article on how…

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Cannot load mysql extension error – Video Tutorial How To

September 15, 2007

I recently ran into the following error when trying to launch PhpMyAdmin from the WAMP icon tray menu: phpMyAdmin – Error Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. What does this mean? In a nutshell, PHP cannot find the library (mysql.dll – on Windows) it needs to connect to MySQL. How can you…

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Installing PHP and MySQL on the Mac with MAMP

September 14, 2007

In my beginners php videos, I recommended XAMPP as the way to easily install Apache, PHP, MySQL on a MAC. Well, I just discovered something called MAMP at: This nifty little application allows you to (really easily) install Apache, PHP and MySQL. You are provided with a standard DMG file that you simply drag…

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Why learn OOP in PHP – another take.

September 7, 2007

Why learn OOP in PHP – another take. For people new to OOP and are comfortable with ‘classic’ procedural php, you may be wondering why should you even bother to learn object oriented concepts … why go through the trouble? The PHP world: PHP is moving in an OOP direction. For example, many important PHP…

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Object Oriented PHP Tutorial Updated – Steps 18 – 22

September 6, 2007

Hi, I’ve update my beginners tutorial on object oriented PHP adding steps 18-22. Again, this is a code intensive article where I expect you to follow along with your PHP editors. PS: if you happen across any errors/typos, please let me know. More to come. Thanks, Stefan Mischook

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Turning on display_errors in WAMP – Video Tutorial

August 30, 2007

Hi, Within a WAMP installation, I ran into a little issue today when trying to change php.ini’s ‘display_errors’ property. By default WAMP installs with ‘display_errors’ to ‘Off’: display_errors = Off … This is a pain-in-the-ass setting when trying to write new PHP code because errors don’t get displayed in the browser window; you have to…

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Object Oriented PHP Tutorial Released

August 22, 2007

Hi, I’ve just released a written tutorial on object oriented PHP, that targets people totally new to OO PHP. Beginners Object Oriented PHP Based on an article I wrote for a web design magazine; the tutorial is presented as a series of simple steps where I walk the reader through the process of building objects…

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Classes and Objects in PHP

August 1, 2007

Hi, I’ve written up a short (2 pages,) document that goes over some of the very basics of object oriented programming – it should take you all of 5 minutes to read. I wrote this as the preamble to my next video on object oriented PHP where we will actually create living breathing PHP objects….

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