Why Learn PHP?

One of the two main reasons I put up Killerphp.com is that I believe every web designer should learn PHP. It is a position that (as far as I know) is unique on the Web – no other web-nerds have mentioned it so far.

I suppose I could go on and write about why I believe this, but why not watch a video of me instead?


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4 Responses to “Why Learn PHP?”

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  2. […] On the KillerPHP.com blog, there’s two new posts from Stefan Mischook following along the same sort of path – people being introduced to PHP, whether it be by books or videos. […]

  3. Chris B says:

    Stef, just came around your video. For some reason, I pictured you much older. IDEA 22 is looking good!

  4. Stefan Mischook says:


    I get that a lot. I think it is my voice and my demeanor that gives people that impression.

    Thanks for the post.


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