PHP Video: the Zend Framework and Web 2.0.

php video

I just released a new PHP video podcast where I answer a few questions put to me about php. I answer these questions:

1. Do you need to learn the Zend Framework?
2. Do you need a PHP certificate?
3. How does PHP fit into Web 2.0.

I am using a totally new format for this video and would appreciate your comments, good and bad about it.


Stefan Mischook

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6 Responses to “PHP Video: the Zend Framework and Web 2.0.”

  1. NanZy says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Thank you for making this video. It is very useful for people who wanna get started with PHP. Also, the quality of this video is really great. I will keep coming back to see your next video. Great job!!


  2. […] response to my a recent podcast where I recommended that PHP programmers learn the Zend Framework, I was asked why I choose Zend, rather than other PHP […]

  3. Dharmesh Shah says:

    The quality of the video was just great — some of the best I’ve seen.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  4. rouldph says:

    I saw the video and it was laid out great and I look forward in getting more of them and soon I want to buy some of your programs.

    Thanks keep up the good work

  5. Alex says:

    Hey Stefan,

    Good work on the vid I am currently trying to get my head around PHP, after building a few drupal sites and customising some media-wiki installs it was time to get to the heart of it PHP and then build my way into ZEND.. Can be quite intimidating perhaps some pointers on breaking through that first steep learning curve would help..

    Anyway, thanks.


  6. Stefan Mischook says:

    Concentrate on the basics of PHP first, then move into basic OOP Php.

    … We have all the courses you need right here.


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