PHP Video: Processing Forms with PHP – part 2

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Part two of my beginners video tutorials on how to use PHP to process HTML forms.

Video: PHP and forms video tutorial

Having covered the basics of forms in the first video, I now jump into the actual PHP code and introduce (for the first time) a built-in PHP construct called ‘Super Globals’.

We learn that Super Globals are associative arrays (that they hold lots of useful information,) that are automatically created by the PHP engine.

In this case we look at the three super globals that hold form data:

  • $_POST
  • $_GET

Stefan Mischook

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3 Responses to “PHP Video: Processing Forms with PHP – part 2”

  1. Stefan Mischook says:


    I wanted to add a couple of notes for you guys.


    I don\’t think I pointed out that associative arrays are called ‘associative arrays’ because they track the data inserted into that type of array by creating associations – the name-value-pairs I spoke about.


    They are called ‘super global’ because they can be used/accessed from anywhere in your PHP scripts. Thus the term ‘global’.

    … you will learn later about of the concept of ‘variable scope’ – where certain variables are only accessible from certain parts of your php scripts.

    More on that later.


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  3. wendy says:

    thanks. It was great!

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