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So you know a little PHP and you’ve heard about PHP frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter and Laravel but you have no idea what they really are and why you might want to learn them … if this is you, watch this video:

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Stefan Mischook

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3 Responses to “PHP Frameworks Explained”

  1. Alex says:

    Hi, thanks for the video a very interesting overview of frameworks – would you suggest the Zend as a starting point for someone just starting to look at using frameworks?

  2. Stefan Mischook says:

    Hi Alex,

    I have no preference in that regard. These days Laravel seems to be getting a lot of good press, so you may want to give that one a try.


  3. andy brookes says:

    Yes I agree a good overview, and should get a few interested to give it a go.

    I think the first learning curve will be ,where is my “home” or index page so that I can edit it to the way I want(views).Can I then just have a menu with a href links to navigate from page tp page?

    Then how can I adapt this “framework stuff” to my needs and keep it as simple as possible to create say a web site.

    I guess there are more people out there at a beginners level than, savy
    programmers so a text written “hold our hands” intro on the basics of getting going with say Yii would be fantastic, if you get a minute or two! Here’s hoping for more snow then!!

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