Speed up your development with the Zend Framework!


The Zend Framework is a web application framework designed to make building complex PHP based web applications easier.

The Zend Framework contains a series of components (built using PHP 5) that manages many common task in web application development:

  • Zend_Form: to make form handling/processing easier.
  • Zend_Mail: makes email functionality trivial to create in PHP.
  • Zend_Db_Adapter: to connect to databases.
  • Zend_Pdf: allows you to easily create and edit PDF documents.

… And this is just a small sampling.

Web application frameworks like the Zend Framework provide a few key advantages:

  1. The code is well tested and optimized – less chance of bugs.
  2. Frameworks provide a standardized way of doing things, so people new to a project, can easily jump in without having
    to learn a whole new architecture.
  3. A grab-bag of pre-made components really speeds up the development process.

As such, I think it makes real sense to learn the Zend Framework.

Zend Framework Video Tutorials

  • Zend Framework Video Tutorials

    In our continued aim to make your life as a php nerd easier, we are slowly compiling a collection of video tutorials on the various components of the Zend Framework.

    Zend Framework Video Tutorials


Just post them on the PHP forum.

You can learn more about Zend at our buddy’s site:



Much more to come …

Stefan Mischook

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