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The heart of killerphp's PHP training material is found in our growing collection of video tutorial courses. Below you will find the list of the PHP courses we now have available ... AND in the order that they should be watched.

PHP Video Courses

  • Beginners PHP
    This beginners PHP video tutorial course was created for web designers who have little to no programming experience. This course assumes you need to have things explained (and demonstrated) in non-nerd terms. learn more
  • MySQL, SQL & PHP
    My goal is to get you up and running with MySQL as quickly as possible so the we can get to using PHP with MySQL. learn more
  • Object Oriented PHP
    This course is designed to teach total beginners object oriented PHP.

    This is not a long-winded theoretical blathering that you see all too often; instead, we actually start writing OO code very quickly. I believe that this 'hands-on' style of learning, makes understanding OO (object oriented) PHP much easier ... and less boring too! learn more
  • Shopping Cart Tutorial
    The PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial is designed to teach total beginners a simple, practical way to create a PHP shopping cart that works with PayPal. learn more
  • Advanced PHP
    This is 12 part series of videos where we explore PHP6 and other advanced PHP concepts, concepts often seen in PHP frameworks like Zend, PHP Cake and others. learn more

More PHP Videos, Tutorials and Articles

  • PHP Video Tutorials for iPods
    After many requests, I've finally rendered a bunch of my PHP video tutorials so that you can watch them on your iPod.

    You may have a bit of trouble reading the code on your small iPod screens ... but none-the-less, you can still learn from the videos while you're on you're on-the-go.

    Check them out: PHP Video Tutorials for iPods
  • Zend Framework
    The Zend Framework is a web application framework designed to make building complex PHP based web applications easier. These are just the first of many planned video tutorials on the Zend web application framework for PHP.

    Check them out: Zend Framework videos
  • Wordpress Themes Video Course
    Yes, Wordpress is not strictly PHP ... but Wordpress is made with PHP and it has become a platform of it's own and it is likely you will run across Wordpress customization projects in your web design work.

    Check them out: Wordpress videos


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